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Respectfully, generalization is the the first step down the road to ignorance and ignorance is the path to slavery.

To wit: you are a Registered Nurse...were you to become a QA Nurse, you'd be considered by many in your industry, the lowest form of life in the universe. Hardly reasonable since you, hopefully, would still be you.

Regarding Federal Officers, I have several that I consider friends....and I know one or two who'd take a bullet in defense of our freedoms more quickly than most of us.

I believe there *is* bad management in many Federal Agencies...BATF being the prime example; IRS running a close second. There are even pockets of bad agents in Federal Agencies. However, since these agencies seem to be here to stay, our feeding into the growing polarization serves no purpose other than to hasten the trend toward a police state, as it alienates those who are just trying to do an honorable job.

Off my soapbox.
ps: I have yet to see acceptable evidence that the BATF received heavy fire from the Davidian home when they attacked. However, when the shooting starts, it's pretty tough for individual agents to determine who started it.

I wonder what the Founding Fathers would say about this incident in light of the fact that the infamous Boston Massacre ended with 2 (5?) persons dead.

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