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Morgan, I'm sorry, but I just can't remember the source of that article, or the name of the author. My guess would be that it was in the Mesa or Scottsdale Tribune, Arizona Republic or the Wall Street Journal. Sounds like something James Bovard would write, but that's a guess.

o1paw, I never heard of any civilian groups being formed after this, but I know I would never join such a group unless things became much, much more dire. I don't care to have my home searched or my tax returns audited.

Mikep, I think Spartacus and Spectre hit the nail right on the head. When I read your comment I thought immediately of Warsaw, 1943. At that point in time the Jews gathered every weapon they could lay their hands on. The web site for the National Holocaust Museum has some great information on this uprising, and Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership ( ) have some unique insight into this question as well. I would only add that while the Davidians may have broken some firearms laws (and others?), it hardly justified the result we witnessed. I never, ever thought I would see in my lifetime such callous disregard by federal agents for the lives of innocent children (at the very least). Finally, while we all have to live within the laws of the land, I would suggest that our country's legal system has evolved to such an extent that our government(s) can probably bust almost any one of us for breaking one or more laws at any time. Perhaps ten years from now it will be illegal to eat hamburger, and then we'll see the FBI's hostage rescue team staking out clandestine burger grills!

I know this topic is supposed to be about tactics, so I'll drop out. However, this incident was so 'unAmerican' that it pains me to ignore the underlying rationale and tragic results in human life ... and in lost respect for the federal agencies involved. What a damn shame. Thank you.

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