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The Jews in Europe pre-1938 would have certainly been in better shape if they HAD stockpiled all those illegal weapons, ammo, and more wouldn't they? Before you answer consider that a few score Jewish heroes armed with a pitiful handful of firearms and ammunition held off the German "dynamic entry" of the Warsaw Ghetto for longer than the Polish Army resisted the invasion of Poland. Consider the result if six million Jews as well as the additional six million Poles, gypsies, and whoever else "qualified"...had fought for their lives.

Not much on tactics here or strategy. More on the level of doctrine.

I've seen two federal investigations. Judging the ethics of the agents involved by their actions in each unrelated investigation... if a federal agent told me the sun was rising in the east I'd grab a compass and go outside to check. Before I get flamed by LEO's let me state I like, respect, and admire many of the city policemen, deputy sheriffs, state troopers, and state investigators I date none of the federal agents I've met make the grade.

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