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I'm not sure how "tactics" is being defined in this discussion. I define tactics as the methods used on site to execute the mission, not the why or the "is this right" side of it.

The biggest thing I'd be concerned about in the raid's execution is the wholesale use of indiscriminate firepower at the compound. If I was an agent who got a successful entry inside the compound and then there's bullets flying through the walls, what in the world am I to do?

Would radio chatter be something like "friendlies in the compound, check fire" to be answered with "hostile fire coming from your side. You're on your own, buddy"??

From what little I know about dynamic entries and building clearances, there has to be a very detailed plan in place for communicating to all friendlies that "This room cleared" as well as a careful plan for taking the compound down without endangering fellow officers.

I'm not an expert, just an RKI.

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