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The parallel drawn to NAZI Germany is an interesting one. A couple of problems with that comparison though. As far as history tells, the Jews had not compiled a quantity of illegal weapons and munitions including M-16 components, AR-15 and Ak-47 full auto conversion kits, grenade launchers, grenade bodies and components to render them active, 50 caliber rifles, as well as a significant quantity of black powder. The Jews also were probably not made up of former members of the CSA (The Covenant, the Sword, and the Arm of the Lord), or the Order; groups who practiced tactics involving the killing of police officers on car stops and were in support of the overthrow of the government.

What happened to the Jews was deplorable and inexusable. What happened at WACO was poor planning and the inability to recognize a flawed plan for what it was.

What greeted the raid team in the first few moments as they pulled up in front of the compound buildings was automatic weapons fire coming through the walls and doors. If some of my compatriots had been killed in those first moments, I probably would not have wanted to withdraw either. I would have wanted to stick around for awhile at least and kick some Davidian ass.


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