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Probably the most telling comments I saw about this sad affair were contained in a newspaper writeup in which the author discussed a federal raid, with automatic weapons, upon a religious sect. It went on for quite a while with various descriptions of the raid, the terror, the murders and so on. This article appeared just after Waco. At the end of the article the author states that the year was 1943, and this story was about Nazi's going after Jews. [If this offends you, I would respectfully request that you stop and think about it. Waco certainly made me reconsider the image I held of the FBI.]

I believe the feds have learned some hard lessons here, but as Americans we must always remember that we cannot tolerate the attitudes displayed at Waco. I hope their lessons learned are not simply about improved tactics. It was a damn shame the only criminal convictions obtained were against the surviving Davidians.
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