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I agree with all of you guys, especially you, Mike. But I dont think they(ATF) were thinking of tactics at all. I think the media was intentionally notified by the ATF, Dept of Justice, White house, whoever. And it was so the sheep of this country would see how this administration dealt with citizens who stockpile arms. Of course, accusations of child abuse( didnt know that was ATF's juristiction and there was no evidence that the children's safety was so jeopordized to warrent a dynamic entry) and the fact they were a little......different in their religious beliefs( constitution? what constitution?) didnt help the Davidians any. Oh yeah, there was that claim of illegally modified "assault weapons" but was that even substantiated? I mean, the people who tested the weapons were from the same agencies that conducted the assault, correct? Sounds more like a serious CYA session to me, but hey, I'm a skeptic As to the assault itself:
They seriously underestimated the Davidian's capabilities, they notified the press and thus the Davidians, Their delivery stratagy was a joke, they didnt work together as a team, they conducted the raid IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DAY, I guess so all the press they invited could see what bad-a$$es they were, there was no other contingencies, they never, at any time during the raid or the seige, took into account the children or other innocents and they let their egos get in the way and, unfortunately, people died. Children died.
All of you guys are correct. I just hope the "powers that be" learned their lesson and it doesnt happen again.
Take care guys,
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