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That raid was a typical example of a bunch of cowboys with too many expensive toys that they had to use to justify thier budget. Those clowns got so deep into a tactical mindset and believing their own rhetoric that they couldn't conceive of a better approach, let alone think outside the dots. Musta been real hard on their egos to be repelled by a bunch of jesusfreaks. As Spectre pointed out, Koresh would have been easy to grab if they had thought it through. BTW, SOP for serving a warrant??? What happened to a guy in suit ringing the bell and handing them the papers, then bringing up the search team? I have no particular use for the Davidians, but they are American citizens, and if 'they' can do it to them, they can do it to you and me. The whole thing was just chillling (and I mean that in a most negative way).

Ooops, sorry, I just re-read the orignal post, and this was supposed to be a critique of tactics, not an emotional blather. All I can say, tactically, is that if those guys were supposed to be 'profesionals', God help us all. Based on the list in first post, they are obviously undertrained and poorly prepared,did not appear to have gelled as a team. The bigger issue to me, though, was the general stupidity and half-baked nature of the original plan. Even sound tactics rarely save a poor strategy. M2

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