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Um, this is not because I was there or I know what's going on. I guess I'm more curious than anything, but I was told that the FBI tipped off the local newspaper a day or two prior to the actual raid. Why?

Please do correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe what the ATF did was simply following their standard procedure for serving warrants. The key to any dynamic entry is the element of surprise, with speed/efficiency being a close second. (Incidentally, this is why many people won't talk about it in detail, so as to not end up having another Waco.) But anyways, you lose much of the element of surprise when you surround a place and say, "Hey, we've got you surrounded. What're you gonna do about that?" Please keep in mind that the Davidian compound was a veritable fortress. Naturally, after the incident, the ATF policy was changed and they're much more cautious now. Otherwise, the ATF's prior record for serving warrants, from what I understand, was sterling and thus, had no reason to change its policy.
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