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Thanks for the definitive post (it's becoming your trademark!).

It's clear that the sling requires some specialized practice, as do all tactical accessories. I wonder at the practical use of the Tactical Sling by civilians. Personally, I think the Chalker Sling is an outstanding device for those going into battle, whether they be military or LEO entry teams.

But I don't imagine that most civilians pick up a shotgun or carbine for self defense on a regular basis. Even then, there is little time to "harness up". While it might make sense to keep the CS by the bed, attached to your shotgun, this would presuppose the citizen intended to sally forth and clear the house. Other than the need to reach the kids, I know you'd advise against this technique.

Usually, when I see a non-operator working with such a device I assume he just wants to get some experience with it..sometimes he turns out to be a dyed-in-the-wool wannabe.

As I said, I think the tac sling (Chalker, in particular) is a great contribution to CQC tactics. Am I missing the utility to civilians?

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