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Michael Carlin
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I liked your critique as is falls in line with my training:

(1) Generally better to move than block from stationary position.

(2) Neither bladed (back stance) nor square (front stance are best all around positions).

Let me ask a weight distribution question, in your reply it seems implicit that we are in a balanced position or perhaps slightly towards the rear foot?

Harry, I am not much for engaging in any form of grappling, punching, kicking while I am holding a functional pistol. As a civilian who find himself being rushed, (not a LEO who has as you indicate many other things to consider) I would be inclined personally to shoot. (Somewhat akin to the first lesson of rifle bayonet training, shoot first if possible)! Is this what you are getting at when you contrast HRT versus LEO training?

By the way, they speak hihgly of you over on Glock Talk. I can see why.

I hope we can discuss many things in this arena in the future.

yours in marksmanship


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