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I really like what I read from your posts and your web sight, Mr. Humphries.

I certainly haven't had the exposure to training and experience or to teaching that you have. But, throughout my involvement with weapons, various martial arts, and law enforcement / emergency services over the last 15 years I have noticed a lack of continuity throughout the use-of-force continuum.

As a training officer I have slowly been developing a martial art I refer to as law enforcement. As a civilian based arm of the government operating in constant association with 'innocent' citizans - law enforcement officers are held to a very high expectation of professionalism. Therfore, I think it is vital that systems of defense and offense be combined into one simple system which easily flows up and down the use-of-force continuum.

We also started with the stance as balance and strength are a prerequisite to any action - except falling or failing. We use the Hsing-I stance (facing at angles). It is also just a modified weaver, much like you describe.

I appreciate all attempts by professionals to provide, to law enforcement officers and trained citizens, complete systems of self defense.

Buck Peddicord
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