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This question is especially for Harry, but if someone else has good info, please contribute..

the latest Guru of the week that has been hired by a Nashville suburb to train the PD, specifically their SRT (which has been called out twice in over a year, both no-shoot situations, btw) in handgun techniques supposedly has a SAS pedigree and was a shooter in the Iranian Embassy raid. Anyway, word is that his two techniques involve a sideways stance towards the target. Fine so far, but then it gets more interesting. His primary style is almost like a precision rifle shooter, like you see the STC .22lr guys do, with their off hand under the handgun, elbow tight to the body, forearm perpendicular to the ground, then the firing hand is laid on top with the gun slide release side down (yes, gangbaber style..).
His second technique, while not as "hip" offers more chance fo the officer to injure themselves as it involves pointing the off hand elbow out, towards the target. The firing hand's elbow is pointing in the opposite direction. The firearm is supposed to be under the operators chin and slightly out towards the target. this technique is supposed to be used in CQC scenarios, to keep the bandits away from the firearm.

now, to me both of these techniques seem to bring the weapon far to close to the operators face. In the first, black eyes, inthe second bloody chins. Also, both techniques many weapons would throw the brass right into the operators face. The second technique also puts the operators bicep right next to the muzzle. Does this seem silly, or I am just not high-speed-low-drag-locked-cocked-and-continental enough to get it??
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