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I had the opportunity to shoot the little rascal at the SWAT ROUNDUP in Orlando FL. week before last.

I agree with 4V50 Gary's posting but I really thought the trigger was more than an annoyance. For a larger framed shooter It is difficult to shoulder mount the weapon as it is so compact in it's Bull Pup configuration and a difficult cheek wield made sighting uncomfortable.

The magazine was interesting, by the way the rounds are mounted in a plane perpendicular to the bore axis. Rotation to breech alignment occurs at the circular magazine section just prior to bolt pick up.

Rich brings up a valid point, the (proprietary?) cartridge could be the nemesis of US acceptance.
I find with all the issues offered with this piece, the 5.7X28 round is most interesting - I hope it does well as it lends itself to a good LE round for inside 100 meter shots capable of defeating bad guy armor.

The 5.7 X 28 pistol shot very well and was quite controllable, similar to Tokarev chambered in 7.62mm
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