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Here is a short, "not very" interesting story about the F90: About 3 months ago, I was visiting Stembridge Gun rentals in Glendale, CA. (Stembridge is the oldest gun prop house in Hollywood), and they related a story to me that they tried to get a FN P-90 for an upcoming "Arnold S." movie. The propmaster wanted Arnold to carry something unique. At that time, Stembridge, who has a FFL Class 10 license, couldn't get one into the country in time for the production...ATF was the holdup. They figured that if Arnold "really" wanted to use this gun in his next movie, he could have made a phone call to speed up the process of getting the gun into the country more quickly. At that time the only FNP90 in country was at GemTech who I think offered it to Stembridge if they wanted it. Anyways it came down to Arnold deciding to use a different firearm. BTW. Stembridge has some other very interesing stuff as well :-)

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