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Rob Pincus
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Brandon, first, as a regular poster, I want to thank you for your observation. I also hope that the discussion around here can stay so very intellectual and respectful of one another's ideas.

As to the Laser sights, we were discussing these somewhere else around here.

IMHO, Lasers are a bit of a gimmick. They require a different shooting technique than sights or even point shooting. Just as I cannot afford to put night sights on all of my handguns, I cannot either afford to put lasers on all of them. So I have to train to the lowest common denominator, which is, for me, point shooting.
I think the intimidation factor theory has some interesting baggage along with it, for instance who the hell are you trying to intimidate with a pulsing red light that isn't afraid of the business end of your gun in the first place? but I haven't thought that one all the way through yet.

As I said on the other thread, whereever it is, I think lasers have a great deal of training potential, but that is where their value ends for me, except for some IR laser low-light/no-light applications with tactical rifles.
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