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Its all a matter of talent...or luck

Elmer Keith once wrote about how a friend brought him a suitcase full of pistols (many different types), and he was able to get on target with each one, before the gun was empty. The only exception was a short barreled .45 "slipgun" that took him 12 rnds. The target was an old outhouse, at 700 yds!

Also, at that range, the .45 Colt bullets had enough energy to completely penetrate the weathered 1" plank wall, and bury itself base deep in the 2x4" corner post. The energy of a large bore slug, even when its forward velocity is nearly spent is enough to cause serious injury, and death, if the impact angle is right. People can and do die from "spent" rounds falling on them from the sky.

Any range the bullet can hit you its dangerous, whether it has the energy to puch through an empty drum, or not.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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