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This has been a funny read. Although I'm NOT an authority on 500 yard penetration with a pistol, I have a hard time seeing the bullet penetrating BOTH sides of the barrel at any distance over 250 yards.

scout1, that's some good shootin but not good enough for me.

When you are next in the Pacific North West, send me a PM and we'll go out and shoot up the side of a mountain or two, and I'll bring my softballs and my 6 shooters and we'll have a hell of a time!

I talk more schitt than I can shoot, and only two months ago did I finally hit my first target with my Ruger .44 and .41 mag and my oh my is it easier than I imagined once I figures it out.

I whack softballs out of trees and off the ground at 60 yards with 5 of 6 shots with my Rugers. I'd LOVE to be able to learn to shoot 150-500 yards with them, and I'll let YOU teach me

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