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LOL! Yes sir, it is. It's pretty easy to tell the real shooters from the keyboard experts here. I always find it funny that even though there are usually a few that want to call BS about something, there is NEVER one that will put his money where his mouth is. I have a standing invitation to anyone at any time to come here and shoot with me and I will back up everything I say.
Any takers?......................... Naw, I didn't think so

well before you get all tickled pink with yourself, i think it's fair to say most of us do not have a 200 or 500 yard range (or a video camera) with which we can disprove anything. or the necessary funds for ammo to keep shooting at those distances until you hit something.

you are lucky to have a place like that to shoot at, and money to send on the ammo, my friend.
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