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A problem and some questions with a new Sig Sauer P226

I recently picked up the (first of about 6, I can continue to dream ) pistol of my dreams - a Sig P226 9mm SCT- and got a chance to take it for a spin this weekend. I put around 300 rounds through it and had a blast! Accuracy and handling were better than I expected, however I did run into a couple of very minor glitches and I've got a few questions. I thought I’d ask everyone here and see if anyone else has experienced the same problem (and if so, what, if anything they did to fix if?) and if, in fact, this is indeed a problem (as opposed to me being an idiot or missing the obvious) before I call up Sig.

Twice, after firing the last round in the mag, the slide failed to lock in the open (and back) position. I’ve read this complaint before and the answer I’ve commonly ran into was that it is usually due to the user’s thumb accidently holding the slide catch lever down. In my case I know that this is not and cannot be the issue as I lost part of my left thumb in a traumatic amputation a couple of years ago. In fact, I cannot reach the slide catch with my left thumb and (due to my grip and the size of my right thumb in general) I have to make a conscious effort and change my grip in order to release the slide with my right thumb. I know that this is a very minor complaint compared to the excellent quality of my new firearm, and as a whole I am very satisfied with the purchase. However, after dropping close to $1,000 into this pistol and with Sig’s reputation I am a bit surprised that I had any complaints, however minor or even trivial in nature they may be, after just a couple of hours at the range (I am aware of the growing number of Sig owners who are very unhappy with the company and with thier newer products). I bought the pistol brand new in the box and it is under warranty should it come to that.

The question I have regards the plastic recoil spring guide rod: I have read that Sig used to make these out of metal (and include them free of charge). I’ve also read that you can sometimes get a metal replacement one from Sig, free of charge (or relatively cheap) if you bug them. Is there a reason that they are now made out of plastic? What are the pros to a metal one? Is it worth while trying to get one from Sig? How about if it ends up not being free of charge/is it worth the price, and if so, why?

Finally, I’m looking for a holster which will fit the P226 SCT with the fiber-optic front sight. I don’t need anything for concealment or anything like that. I prefer a Blackhawk SERPA type/style holster with a trigger guard type retention lock. If possible, one that would hold a spare magazine.

Thank you for any information!
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