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Originally Posted by threegun
Why not competition enduced shooting stress? I fight once a week light contact sparring and grappling and don't feel as stressed as I do while shooting an IPSC or threegun match. I have done FOF with friends at work that felt similar to competition stress. The point is you shoot under stress and its fun. Most events are 10 bucks or less plus ammo.
Well, it certainly can't hurt and it would likely help your marksmanship, if nothing else.

I don't know if there would be much comparison to "the real deal" on a stress level. Of course, it would be different for all of us so, YMMV. I have a friend who used to compete on a national level in archery (took 3rd once in Atlantic City or Vegas, can't remember which). He always says that there are more stress induced shooting errors while hunting than in competition. IMO, the stress of knowing that you get a smaller trophy if you screw up would not likely compare to the stress of knowing that you die if you screw up, or worse, might die even if you DON'T screw up.

It can't hurt though, I was going to look into some local competition when I got my permit but I never did. I really should.
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