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Personally, I'd say that the groups at 500 yards would extropolate to NO MORE than half of the equivalent at 25 yards, and I think that's VERY optimistic.
I'd agree in real conditions (wind being the biggest factor).but extropolate what you want his actual group was not 39" thats only the 7 that hit the board his "group" would have exceded 48".

Desertscout1 is probably an excellent shot with a handgun. Even so, to expect pure linear growth of the groups at those distances is a pretty unreasonable best case scenario.
I've no doubt he is an exellent shot.and that he's a exellent shot regardless of what hand gun is in his hand.and no I don't expect his groups to grow linear but the mechanical accuracey of the gun will.I'd bet if you give him my 38super that will shoot under 1 1/2" at 50 yards from a rest he'd do better at 500 than with the glock.
Desertscout1, shoot that Glock at 25 and show us the groups. I bet you can do under 2 inches.
most of the tests I've read of stock Glock 40s won't do that from a rest.
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