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AR 15 Assembling issues

Long post. sorry,

I'm starting to put together my AR-15 and I'm worried that some parts will not fit together. I guess this whole issue stems from the fact that I bought an off-brand lower, (Roggio Arsenal,, and was wondering if I should buy an upper to match the lower (ie: same brand) or if wont make too big a difference. But if I do buy the same brand, where do I stop? Will I have compatibility issues if I get a BCG from a different manufacturer? Will there be compatibility issues if I get a barrel from a different manufacturer? I think you get my point. (I should have bought the RRA lower.... (beats head against wall))

Also, if I don't buy an assembled upper, and have to run my own gas line and stuff, how difficult is that? Should that be taken to a gunny? Or is it easier than it sounds.

I've also been worried about head space. I'm not entirely sure what that is yet, but from what I gather, its a quality that the barrel has that is not affected by the upper? So if I buy my parts for the upper one by one, would i run into head space issues?

I've already bought a lower parts kit, from DPMS and a stock also from DPMS, but other than that, I'm still deciding on parts.

Thanks for your time and I appreciate any help or input that you've got on this issue.
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