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Originally Posted by mavracer
maybe thats the problem getting 1/2 your shots in a 2" group @ 25 yards may be an accurate gun to you, however accurate guns will shoot better than 2" groups at twice that HK P7 has and will keep all shots on a notebook size target @ 100 yards and I've no doubt they're many handguns that would keep all their shots on a sheet of plywood at 500 yards. your ability to maintain "combat accuracy" with a Glock out to 500 is impressive.But I'm still not impressed with the mechanical accuracy.heck I've seen an old fat man shoot balloons at 200 yards with a SAA.
Personally, I'd say that the groups at 500 yards would extropolate to NO MORE than half of the equivalent at 25 yards, and I think that's VERY optimistic. I don't know a single person with a RIFLE that can maintain perfect mathematical groups as distances exceed about 250 yards. Yes, there are guys and guns that can do it, a lot of them. Most people can not, and with a rifle. Desertscout1 is probably an excellent shot with a handgun. Even so, to expect pure linear growth of the groups at those distances is a pretty unreasonable best case scenario.

Desertscout1, shoot that Glock at 25 and show us the groups. I bet you can do under 2 inches.
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