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long range handgun

My thought is this, it's his gun, his time to shoot it as much as it takes to do what he wants it to do... pratice..pratice...pratice...most people spend more time and money adding shiny bling to their guns then time on the range... I believe this, if he say's he can ,then he can, who am I to call BS? I've made shots that others would call BS or crazy...if you haven't then your not a shooter...

I've hit steel at 200 yds with my 45 ACP...not every time, but I've done it, I killed a deer at 300 yds with the 14th shot out of a 357 6" colt trooper.. had I wounded it and it had gotten away I would have carried that guilt all my life, but I was young, dumb and trying to impress people.... would I do it again? never...

Elmer Keith was a great shot, just ask him, well not now but .... I know people who shot with him and say he was a true pistol shooter "AND" a wonderful BS artist... who cares...he could tell a great story...
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