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I was able to put 7 of 14 shots in 39", on target. Which, if you figure that out, boils down to less than 2" at 25 yards which is not bad in itself.
maybe thats the problem getting 1/2 your shots in a 2" group @ 25 yards may be an accurate gun to you, however accurate guns will shoot better than 2" groups at twice that HK P7 has and will keep all shots on a notebook size target @ 100 yards and I've no doubt they're many handguns that would keep all their shots on a sheet of plywood at 500 yards.
your ability to maintain "combat accuracy" with a Glock out to 500 is impressive.But I'm still not impressed with the mechanical accuracy.heck I've seen an old fat man shoot balloons at 200 yards with a SAA.
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