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You two.....


Thanks for the positive comments. I should be able to get three of these built before Christmas is out.

I hope to get about 3,000.00 each for them. I promise you guys that if I do, I'll be in the market from some of what Fingers is collecting. (Reference his other post with photos of those magnificent pistols.)

To Grymster,

I am happy for your info. I think I would be inclined to move forward with the patent project but as you say, I need a good bit more advice and info before I make a move on it. I have a friend in Arizona who is a patent lawyer. I have not spoke to him for years and would not do so even now just to ask him for a bunch of favors. (He's too good of a guy for that). But I remember him telling me that the process does not have to be expensive if one is willing to do a lot of personal legwork and tolerate it taking a longer time. I am not a patient person and lawyering is not my thing.

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