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Just my thoughts here, but IMO the .50 is not going to explode things like deer when hit in the ribs on a broad side. reason being is that 1) Its not a fast cartridge
What in the world do you consider fast? Here are some velocities from different bullet weights out of the .50bmg.

640 grain at 3044fps 13,144 ft-lb
655 grain at 3029fps 13,350 ft-lb
700 grain at 2978fps 13,971 ft-lb
800 grain at 2895fps 14,895 ft-lb

Note that even the 800 grain load is going faster than most 200 grain 300 win mag loads.

If they are still on the slow side, back before maddi griffin closed down they had load data for the sabots they sold, that pushed 220 grain .30’s out of a 50 bmg at over 5000 fps.
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