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Just found this:

(Emphasis added by me)

...the straw purchaser
violates Federal law by making
false statements on Form 4473
to the
licensee with respect to the identity of
the actual purchaser of the firearm, as
well as the actual purchaser's residence
address and date of birth. The actual
purchaser who utilized the straw purchaser
to acquire a firearm has unlawfully
aided and abetted or caused the
making of the false statements
. The
licensee selling the firearm under these
circumstances also violates Federal law
if the licensee is aware of the false
statements on the form.
And, as noted before:

It is immaterial
that the actual purchaser and the straw
purchaser are residents of the State in
which the licensee's business premises
is located, are not prohibited from receiving
or possessing firearms, and
could have lawfully purchased firearms

from the licensee
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