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All right,,all right... all this speculation and internet wisdom does nothing for our shared interests... To bait or not to bait... hounds/no hounds... we should not debate this among ourselves and pick fence sides... we all need to be one unified voice against those idiots that would have us all take our guns, kids, dogs, lead, 4-wheelers, and horses and Get Out of the Woods and leLong shots with it require very little skill..yeah 800 yrds is still a "Gimme".for just about anyone. I did sell it cause the Sharps is way more fun...and it still shoots real far

No it is NOT hunting.. in my opinion nothing with a scope is. But my tag cost the same as your tag so don't tell me I need to do as you do for it to be OK to fill my freezer.
You friend, have said it all, and you said it about right. jd
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