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When do you give up on a Lee mold?

I have a 230 gr round nose tumble lube mold that I cannot get to drop clean bullets. I have changed the heat on the pot, gotten the mold hotter, tried it cooler, I have cleaned the mold, boiled it, done the lee-menting procedure where you lap the mold with a bullet and valve-lapping paste and I still get incomplete fills on almost every bullet. they will not drop cleanly, I have to tap aggressively to get the bullets to fall even with the lapping and smoking the mold.

I don't have the problems with any of my other Lee molds; I can cast up bullets with any of them and get them to drop and fill well. I can use the same batch of lead at the same heat, preheating the 230 gr mold and switching to it and get a bad pour.

No wrinkles, but just indistinct edges. Has anyone else had to just give up on a Lee mold? or what else can I do?

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