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50 BMG rifles are heavy, like 30 pounds. I am not humping one of those.

A Guide in New Mexico was showing some of the pictures of hunts he guided. One was of an Oryx shot with a 50 BMG. It tore most of the shoulder off the exit side of the Oryx.

Oryx are 700 pound animals.

I am not in favor of 50 BMG rounds and hunting. I suspect that many who take these things "hunting" are just people who want to hit something at ridiculous ranges, and are not concerned about making a clean kill. While it may be “fun” for the person shooting, it is not “fun” for the animal who dies a suffering death.

50 BMG rounds will also travel much further than standard small arms, so those misses at game animals are going to cause trouble downrange.

Which is why my gun club has banned them from our range.
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