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Even though I had already cleaned it I rewet the rails, and this I believe is why I stopped experiencing failures to return to battery. Though my fingers and wrist got really dirty from all the oil and gun powder I got through the next 150 rounds with one failure to eject and then all the failures stopped… for the next two hundred and thirty rounds, then another failure to eject
I was told by some Bullseye shooters, that you heavily lube your M1911 and that your elbow is the drip point.

I learned in IPSC never to run a semi auto dry. Especially something as tightly fitted as one of the CNC machined M1911's.

I cannot explain your other failures to eject, but something you should take out of this is that your Kimber was more reliable when lubricated.

Mine is a Clackamas Kimber, one of the first 4000 made. It has been a great M1911.

I had the Marines at Camp Perry install this shorter GI trigger. I have stubby fingers.

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