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I owned two Kimbers. The first was a CDP commander size. It had feeding issues from the first time I shot it until I sold it. FTF's and FTE's. I am paranoid ( Kinda) about guns that don't go bang every time. I kept the gun until I shot the 500 rounds I had on hand for it. Never was reliable. Tried Colt, Shooting Star and Wilson Combat mags, none worked. The mags that came with it would strip the top round off and jam it nose first into the feed ramp. Would not pick up and chambe the first round. Sold it.

Bought the Tactical Ultra in full size. Shot half a box with a bunch of FTF's. Took it home and cleaned it and the finish ( the gray type, not sure what its called) was already coming off the frame. Brand new gun. Took it back to the range and now when you pulled the trigger it would fire twice and end with a hammer down on an empty chamber. Did this twice and I brought it back to the dealer and got rid of it. My buddies are gunsmiths who sell guns as an afterthought, the main business they do is smithing. They told me they send more Kimbers in for repair than any other 1911's, besides Taurus. Then they showed me another Kimber that was missing a piece in the gun. Something to do with the firing pin block. Without this part, the gun could not be fired. Could not happen. And the gun was brand new and shipped with the spent test case. They were laughing asking how it left the factory with a spent case when the gun was not able to be fired.

Thats my experience with Kimber. First hand, not something I heard around the range from a guy who knows a guy.

Bought two Colts in the last year and both were perfect right out of the box.

Every manufacturer will have some lemons, seems like lately Kimber has more lemons than lemonade. IMO
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