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I havent been to any one there courses. Been meaning to get down there meet them and check out their operations.

BUT; I've conversed with the owners a bit, via the internet and e-mails. I've been around the long distance shooting game a bit to understand what its about. To know what to look for when asking questions of a instructor.

Based on my dealings with the owners of LRI, I'm pretty much convinced they know what they are talking about. Though I havent been to their rance I know the area around Lance Creek, (not too far south of me). I know Wyoming Wind. If you shoot down there you are gonna learn to shoot in some pretty wild conditions and long range shooting is all about conditions.

For what its worth, I would recommend LRI, its not near as pricy as many of the schools around now days. If I was looking for a shooting school they would be at the top of my list.

I would like to add one point about shooting schools LRI or any other. You probably will learn a lot, but you cant stop there. Shooting isnt like riding a bicycle, its an art that WILL be lost if you dont keep it up.

Its my opinion, after attending this any other school, take up target shooting, High Power, 1000 yard matches, F-class, or what ever, too keep and improve the skillls you learned.

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