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How to disable/deactivate a revolver?

My stepfather passed away a little over a week ago. He was a very interesting man with a long history in law enforcement and private security.

I wasn't present to go through his belongings but his Glock 21 went to his father-in-law, and I was presented with his - drum roll - Rohm .38 Special!

Well, I dislike Glocks, so I'm glad I didn't get that. It would have served no purpose and I'd feel guilty if I traded it off.

But the Rohm.... is interesting. It has a pretty sweet action, and the thumb pad on the hammer is big and soft. The finish is all sanded down (with about 75-grit sandpaper) but the gun seems functional. I intend to get it home and clean it up.

Of course, I have read about Rohms, so I intend to disable the gun post-haste , and have it serve as a simple reminder of the man who owned it.

I can probably figure out something that will work, but what is the established procedure for deactivating a revolver?
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