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Yes Mossberg has dabbled in the lever gun market before. My dad bought one of my older brothers one in 30-30 for christmas back in 1977 complete with a Tasco zoom scope. He hunted with it for about 10 years and did manage to take a buck or two. He only used it for brush hunting west of the cascades in Oregon. They don't call it "subtropical rain forest" for nothing. I think he finally got tired of fighting rust and bought a higher quality bolt action after that.

The old Marlin (circa 1950's) 30-30 I hunted with in the early eighties didn't seem to ever have rust problems no matter where I hunted until dad enherited it from my grandad and left it wrapped in newspaper in the garage for five years. We discovered the rust last year. I hope he got around to trying to clean it up, I'd like to have that old rifle some day.

If it were me I'd buy I used Marlin before I bothered with a new Mossberg.
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