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I think some people might have gotten the wrong idea.... I don't doubt how the current situation *IS*.... I just think it is a damn shame that most people seem to think the mere possession of a title II item is worthy of possible arrest.
Well if its one thing I haven't figured, it's how you can make an argument supporting the statement that you shouldn't be arrested over possession of a title II item without the paperwork showings its legality...
First off, I'd agree that title II items should no longer be criminalized by getting rid of the NFA and all applicable state laws. Failing that, I totally agree that a searchable database could be used to check title II weapons on the spot as cptsplashdown mentioned. That's a very good idea. But failing that, there is nothing to prove that the title II would be legally owned other than your documentation. Not only is it probably cause for an arrest, but it should be probably cause for arrest until those misguided laws are taken off the books.
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