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And it should be noted that this thread was started due to a RA who "knew" the law and stated that splashy was a felon for not having his paperwork with the firearm. Splash was concerned because for all he knew, it might be true.... And for some damn reason he didn't want to listen to his much smarter and better looking buddy.

Splashboy started this thread to get an answer to that question.... and he has.

The thread has drifted.... But that's not really bad, it was/is a fun discussion. And I am willing to bet someone has learned something that they didn't know before.... Such as not needing the original forms, it is not illegal to not have the forms...ect.

I think some people might have gotten the wrong idea.... I don't doubt how the current situation *IS*.... I just think it is a damn shame that most people seem to think the mere possession of a title II item is worthy of possible arrest.
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