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Let clear something up. I DO understand how the law works as it is written. I understand I WILL be approached and asked about a NFA weapon, and when I am approached if I don't have my paperwork with me I WILL be arrested.

I do understand that.

I believe its WRONG. The reason the registry exists is listing weapons that I can LEGALLY own.

The reason I believe that is in all of the scenarios we have put forth, ONLY the scenario of gun ownership is a protected constitutional right. EVERTHING else mentioned is a privilege. Driving a car is a choice, its necessity is one that the owner of the car perceives. When you are exercising a privilege, you have made the choice to submit any information required. Since it is not a right you have the CHOICE not to provide information and not to take advantage of the privilege. My example. I went to buy a home a couple of years back. Part of the mortgage application is a from allowing the federal gov't to perform a background check on me. This is part of the Patriot Act. The gov't wants to determine if I will in fact use the money for the purchase of a home, or if I am going to send the money to finance terrorism. Since home ownership is NOT a constitutional right, but a privilege, I submitted to the check. I do not believe that there was anything wrong in doing so. As I said. If you take advantage of a privilege, you must be prepared to submit to the rules surrounding that privilege. However gun ownership is a constitutional right. Asking for information about that gun is wrong, unless you are in the act of committing a crime, or perceived as a threat to the general population.
I know this isn't how state laws are written, and I know that isn't how it works, but that is how it SHOULD work.
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