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They sell a scent suppressing hat/mask that I would be afraid getting caught in bow-string and again; where are the ref. pts wearing one of these!! I'm confused
The reference points would be where ever was comfortable and whatever you want to make them. The key is that they must be exactly repeatable everytime. This is why I choose not to base my anchor points on what I'm wearing. If you set up your bow for cold weather gear, you either have to re-set it up for warm weather...or not hunt the early season. Or vise/versa.

The best thing to do is adapt your gear around your anchor point. A peep sight would help, but I hate peeps. Early on, I shot a peep. It cost me more deer due to the limited visability during low light. I took it off and haven't looked back. It took more practice to get used to it.

Whatever you decide to do, just be repeatable and practice with it. You don't want to be thinking about your fundamentals when it's killin time.
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