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Actually the pot analogy makes no sense to me simply for the fact that in most of the country possession of pot in ANY amount for ANY reason is illegal. That is also the view of the federal govt. Speeding is illegal everywhere. Even taking your dying mother, pregnant wife or other emergency to the hospital. In NC it is illegal for any agency to exceed the posted speed limit by more than ten miles per hour unless in direct pursuit. Those are all examples of crime. Any act of crime should be dealt with.
The fact is if I'm carrying any kind of weapon, there is NO reason to approach me unless I commit an act that rasies probable cause. If I am harassing people, or loitering while carrying. That gives a LEO cause to approach me, ask for proper identifaction, and make an attempt to determine my intent. If I am carrying a weapon. Then at that time I should be asked for proper paperwork. If there is no law to enfocre aginst me there is no reason to confront me. Even if I have a weapon.
To me it comes down to my signature. If I allow you to question me, in order to keep me "safe". I am forfeiting my essential Liberty.
I understand that this isn't how it works in the real world. That is why I keep my drivers license and registration readily available and produce it. Even though no LEO has reasonable cause to ask for it when I'm in the license check line.
They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety - Benjamin Franklin
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