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I am sure the ATF would have a field day with this thread as I am all but positive unless licensed it is not only illegal to possess but also manufacture them. If I am wrong in my thinking please let me know. As far as I know you must apply for a permit and go through a background check, to boot they are not actually legal in all states.

I may be wrong but the last time I inquired about one you have to apply for a permit and pay a no-refundable fee just to be considered.

I'm not giving anyone grief for doing what they want simply stating that they may want to refrain from posting it on the internet.
I do not know where you are getting your ideas from on gun law, but unless you are talking to a lawyer that is experienced in NFA law or actually reading the law yourself, then you really doing yourself a disservice in remaining so ignorant and posting about it here. Is it really too much to take a brief look at the ATF regulations before telling us about permits and licenses that do not exist?

Twice I referred to a tax and ATF authorization in my posts above, did this not clue you in? Where is this license and permit stuff coming from anyway? How are you promoting gun ownership by posting this stuff? Your claim of an “ATF field day” and “not giving anyone grief” are contradictory. Frankly I feel insulted every time I see someone suggesting that I am not obeying the law.

Here is how you get authorization to make, buy or sell a title 2 weapon. Obtain the ATF form 1 (to make) or ATF form 4 (to buy) from the internet or free from the ATF. Fill it out in duplicate, attach your photos and finger print cards. Obtain the local sheriff’s (judge, DA) signature. Send it in with form 5330.20 and a check for $200. The ATF approves it within about 4 months now if it is all filled out correctly. If there is a problem, then you get a refund or a form showing what needs to be fixed before approval.

Here is an example of an ATF form 1.

There is no license to merely buy, sell, make, own or inherit a title 2 weapon. The only ones who need a license are those who import, manufacture or deal in title 2 weapons as a business. This is the FFL and SOT class 1, 2 or 3.

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