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Oh, my point about "presumptively illegal..." The poster said that having the NFA firearm was "legally presumptively illegal." I simply asked several legal experts what it meant for a LEO to say that an act was "presumptively illegal." Their response was simply that it means nothing in a legal sense, which you may not consider worth discussing, and of course you are entitled to your opinion, but I thought it was worth mentioning is all.

IMHO, a police officer should know if something is illegal or not, and address only those people who are committing a crime, and our entire thread has covered whether or not the case of a NFA weapon would fit this criteria. Obviously we have come to an impasse on this issue. However, I would say that just because I PRESUME something doesn't make it true, and when the poster used the term, it was clearly not meant as ordinary english, but as a legal criteria to conduct an investigation. It is in fact not a legal term, hence the use of "legally presumptively illegal" is in fact a bunch of crap. Again, I would suggest that this was an attempt to justify a search with no basis in law. Opinions may vary.

We can continue to agree to disagree though, even if I'm right :-).
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