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I have approx the same anchor point. I shoot with a light weight glove no matter what the season. I found this gets cold during the late season. I invested in one of the wrap around the waist hand warmers so I don't have to wear a bulky glove.

Over time, I also invested in thinner insulation. This helped to cut down the bulky clothing.

I've never worn a face mask while bow hunting in my life. Maybe it cost me some, but I don't think so. If you are worried about your face being seen, get a $4 compact of face paint. That will handle being seen. If it's a warmth issue, get a mask you can pull down below your chin when it's time to shoot.

If any of this is undoable, just practice with all you gear on...a lot. Make sure to practice shooting from highth if you are hunting from a treestand. I found your impact can change.
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