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Range help in virginia!!??

Hello all I own a new rem. .243 an I am looking for a rifle range in virginia. I live in fredericksburg but a couple min. drive would'nt be an issue. I am looking for a public range something I can go to an zero in my rifle instead of using my hunting property to do so.! I am currently in a saftey coarse which i finish on the 6th of dec. I havent yet hunted but cant wait for that slip of paper stateing I can!! I have been back there tracking an scoping for deer! Have found good beddings an paths! but I would be very thankful for your help! also If anyone wants to come on down to the property an take a deer with me after the six come on, also would love to hunt with you sence I dont have any locations Of knowledge yet of land!. But I am looking for 100 to 200 yard range or anything. Thank you all
John Gibson
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