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I pasted this from a previous post I made about my experience with the NAA's.....

I trap fur in the winter as a large part of my yearly income.

I have two NAA. One is the little tiny 22 short..I believe it is the smallest one you can by.

The other is the Mini Master. It has the rubber grips and 4 inch barrel. It has a LR cylinder and a 22 Magnum cylinder. I had this same gun in a 17HMR but the boolits would tumble and accuracy was very poor.

The little short is very hard to shoot, I have killed a few trapped coyotes with it but it is hard to be effective with it even at 5 feet cause it is so hard to aim straight..

Now the long barreled mini-master is awsome. The magnum is flat deadly out to 50 yrds. No man I know could ever withstand a shot from it. But it is way too loud and I worry that it may be just a little too much power for the small platform and I noticed my gun getting loose after about 100 Mags so I use the LR most of the time.

I have shot a LOT of traped animals with it ranging from foxes, bobcats, coyotes, badgers and beavers. I also use it for shooting rabbits and squirrels for bait. Rabbits are easily taken out to 30 yrds and I have gotten a few at further ranges.

I don't want big holes in my hides so I shoot them all in the ear from the side or the eye. The little gun just trashes there skulls. The beaver and the badgers seem to have the hardest heads.

I have gone to using those specialty rounds with the 80 gr. boolit with the little short case of just 22 CB longs. Because the LR's fracture the skulls so bad it is difficult to skin the faces properly. Most of the LR's exit leaving a second hole...not wanted

So armed with all this real world testing on live critters I would say that the little 22 and esp. the Mag ,is totally deadly and plenty of power. I sure wouldn't want someone shooting at me with one A Toy??No way!!
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