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Now I have an idea what a "Sniper Rifle Is !

Went to the range today to see if the 6 of us could poison the ground water with the amount of lead we shot.. Good effort on all of our parts. One young friend with the dreaded "gun Sickness" brought along his 2 .308's amd .300 Win Mag he'd just completed. I can't believe what is possible in building a "sniper rifle". The .300 had a heavy fluted barrel on a Savage 110 action(memory might be failing on that one), Macmillan stock and aBushnell 6500 6-24 scope. He dialled it in to the burm at the end of the range.(550 yds)With scope dialed up to 24 and off of sand bags and a Harris bipod any one of the 6 of us was hitting small pieces of clay pigeon at that distance. Man, I don't care what that costs I have got to have one!!! those of you who shoot at great distances, what would look at as a great "tack squasher" platform?

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