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I let my boy take temporary residence in my favorite blind. I spend four mornings there with no luck at all. This morn in one hour he bags an 8 point with a perfect rack and great body size. Guess Its just my luck huh.. Does anyone else give up their favorite hotspot to another shooter??!!
Well.... let's see. Last year, after days of me not seeing a deer, my cousin sits in my stand. Boom, big 6-point. This year, I sit for the first half of opening day, didn't see a deer. My uncle goes there for an hour. Boom. 8-Point. Yesterday morning, I sit there for 2 1/2 hours, never see a deer. My uncle goes there again. One hour. Boom. 7-point. I'm starting to hate this game. Oh... did I mention that these are 3 of the only 4 racked bucks ever taken on our property? The other one you ask? Yeah, my uncle shot that one too.
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