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My oldest son, after several days at his favorite spot without seeing anything, told his younger brother, he could hunt his spot the next morning. He was going to have to work that day, and gave him permission to hunt the spot.

His younger brother went to the spot the next morning, and 15 minutes after daybreak, shot a 18 pointer, that weighed 135lbs. A really nice buck for this area. Needless to say the older brother was P.O.'d but really couldn't say much since he had given him permission to start with.

The very next season, the same thing happened with his brother-in-law, who had never shot a deer in his life. He shot a 12 pointer from the same stand.

This year I noticed, that when they asked him to hunt the stand, he told them that they could rent the spot for $50.00 a day.

Think he learned something ?
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